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pure water for the home

EPRO Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

You deserve clean, pure water in your home. EPRO Residential Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency and produce high-quality clean water from tap water, well water, brackish water, or even seawater. After removing impurities such as bacteria and dissolved solids, clean water is supplied through existing taps (faucets).

EPRO whole-home systems flow rates vary from 500-6,000 GPD (gallons per day, depending on your requirements.

Our compact designs enable installation in under two hours and fit within the tight space requirements in many homes. All of our systems are Assembled and Factory-Tested in the USA and come with a One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

EPRO has several different products for the Residential Customer. The table below summarizes the different models. Also, for more information, you can visit our FAQ section below.

Looking for a Dealer who can help with your choice and installation? Contact us …. we’ll set up up!


EPRO E1,5003,00025-40%Econo unit. Pick this unit if you don’t need to control other equipment such as pre-filtration or post pressurization. Electrical is 1 phase only.EPRO E Series Brochure
EPRO RO60010,000Up to 80%
25-60% without recycle
The EPRO RO series has more options than the E-Series and can control other equipment in addition to the RO. Many different electrical service options available including 3 phase.EPRO RO Brochure
EPRO SW1,0006,00014-45% without recycleSea Water Units for Desalination EPRO SW Brochure


  1. When would I choose an EPRO E series rather than an EPRO RO series?
    • typically you would choose EPRO E if you did not need to control any other equipment. The EPRO E series units have a pressure switch that manages the pump control. The EPRO RO series has a controller that has more functionality.
  2. Can I use the EPRO SW to make drinking water from the ocean?
    • Yes, the EPRO SW is specifically designed for that. Depending on the source water, you may need some extra filtration up front … we can help advise on that.
  3. The EPRO Mini looks interesting … how is it different than the E series?
    • The EPRO Mini is designed to wall mount when space is an issue and the demand for clean water is under 500 gpd. It is also only available for standard 110-120V power.
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