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EPRO – Reverse Osmosis Commercialized!

Founded in 1976 in Florida, and now proudly owned by Newterra, ENVIRONMENTAL Products USA (EPRO) had a sole mission to create an affordable yet high-quality reverse osmosis system – it was that simple. Until that point, the market had only a few small systems that were not known for their wide treatment range and overall quality. That was about to change.

E – Environmental

EPRO was founded in 1976 by Mr. Robert Murphey Sr., who wanted to create and sell affordable reverse osmosis systems with quality in mind. The shop was located at 505 Paul Morris Drive, Englewood, Florida. 

The firm started as a family operation, with Robert and his three children working alongside three engineers.  Early customers cherished Environmental Products (EPRO) industry catalogs full of technical information, the very first offered by a company in that industry. 

In the early 90’s the business started to take off. During that time, when EP had its first million-dollar month, Mr. Murphy passed out one-hundred-dollar bills to employees and customers in celebration. Having quickly established EPRO as a contender in the residential and small business water treatment industry, national dealers took notice and wanted to represent the EPRO product line across North America. The business continued to prosper and grow, and before the end of the decade in 1997, EPRO broke ground for a new facility in Venice, Florida. This excitement made annual sales grow steadily well into the late 1990s, attracting the attention of industry heavyweights such as Crane Water, which purchased EPRO in 1998 and changed the name to Crane Water.

Crane’s ongoing success drew the attention of Newterra, which purchased Crane Water (EPRO) in 2014 while retaining the commitment to providing affordable quality systems. Recognizing that customers held a great deal of trust in the “EPRO” name, Newterra resurrected the brand to create “EPRO by newterra,” as it remains today. Like back in 1976, every EPRO RO System is still hand-assembled and is always pre-tested for quality before ever leaving the shop. That commitment quality, and attention to detail have never changed.

What does this mean for you? EPRO’s long history of tight quality control eliminates leaks and other issues at installation that can cause delays, saving you money.

Not only is EPRO committed to quality and innovation, but also to fast turnaround time on orders. Most often, units can be assembled, tested and shipped within a few days of the order being received.

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